TALKING DRUG ABUSE … by pastor Babatunde pelemo.

talking Drug Abuse . . .
Remember the story of Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman by the well in John 4:4-29? Jesus was to travel to Galilee and the Bible says “He must needs go through Samaria” (verse 4). Ever wonder why the “must”? The Jews considered Samaritans to be wicked and evil people and would have nothing to do with them. But not so Jesus. And see who He chose to talk with about the Living Water – a woman, most of us would term immoral – a woman who’d had five husbands already and lived with one who’s not her husband.
Remember also the story of the “good Samaritan” in Luke 10:30-37? Jesus concluded the story by saying “go, and do thou likewise” (verse 37).
Everyday we hear about countless victims of drug abuse. Yet it never really hits home for many of us. The drug situation in our nation calls for a synergy of efforts that would lead to a united front to combat drug abuse and its negative and destructive social vices. The drug situation calls for participation by everyone upon whom God has showed His love, Christ has poured His grace, and the Holy Spirit His fellowship. There is a special obligation laid on the Church to reach out to the bruised and hurting. No one else will care for them if the Church don’t care – the society has no time for people like them.
The Bible says, “ye are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). Salt is used to prevent meat from decaying and to sweeten meat and soup. “Ye are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). Light shatters darkness. The pall of darkness in the land as a result of drug abuse can be shattered if Christians follow Christ’s example and obey His call to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).
This entails going out to meet those who are side-stepped by the society. Words of reconciliation must be matched by action to bring about reconciliation in the midst of resentment and social maladjustment.
Commonsense and traditions may be against it, but God is most definitely for it and will bountifully reward the labour of love.
We all have a tremendous responsibility as Christians to dissuade the young people in our nation from using and abusing drug. Let us participate in and support any effort in our communities that is aimed at combating drug abuse and its consequences. Let us help groups, organizations, etc., working towards a drug-free nation.One will chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousands. See how powerful we can be –
Business partnerships do not always succeed, but when colleagues (children of God) network we can support and encourage one another. We can learn from one another’s faith. Our combined testimony will achieve great things to the glory of our God and Father.

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