Drug addiction is a dead end street. When a person succumbs to his addi Dion, he is often left with a sense of hopelessness. Without some kind of intervention the addict ends up spiraling down into an incredibly deep hole of despair.
This was my situation during my active addiction. I could not see my way out. Thanks be to God, I met someone who spoke to me about CADAM (a faith- based drug treatment and rehabilitation centre).
Little did I know that this would open up a door to a whole new way of life –
It was at this time that I began to explore my spiritual condition and I learned that if I was to recover from my debilitated state I would have to connect with some kind of power greater than drug and than myself. This helped me to understand that I did not have to fight my addiction all by myself. Throughout my stay in CADAM, I had lots of help from people who I believe were human manifestations of God at work in my life.
I attempted to nurture my relationship with God through prayer, Bible study and meditation. By doing so, it became possible to elevate my consciousness and transcend the addictive experience. These practices served to bolster my faith and provide a sense of hope that was at one time impossible to imagine. Where once my life was ruled by fear, now I can face each day with the confidence that I can handle whatever comes my way with the help of God. In my years of addiction recovery I have had countless experiences that have shown me that God is real. I have no other way of explaining how I could have gone from who I was to where I am today.
If you (or someone you love) are still struggling with the demons of drug addiction consider asking help from God like I did some years ago. All it takes is going to register for admission into CADAM programme.

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