Addicts are caught in a compulsive pattern that seeks to establish self worth in the face of worthlessness. It is a vicious cycle in which they seek the higher unconscious, fall into the lower unconscious and seek the higher unconscious again. This is a common experience in addiction, a moving from the euphoria of the addiction into the remorse and worthlessness, only to begin the cycle again. The tragedy, of course, is that the positive qualities ultimately remain out of reach and unintegrated.
The addiction is fueled by destructive maintaining cycles made up of defences such as rationalizations, justifications and denial – all cleverly set up to keep the addicts away from their suffering. The work of a therapist therefore is about recovering the split-off and deeply buried parts of the addict, while at the same time respecting the behaviours, defences and mindsets because these have helped them to survive. So there is the need for the therapist to free the will from the maintaining cycle of addiction. By these I mean that we need to free the “I” from identification with the false self and the “parts”, for example:
Subpersonalities like the victim, perfectionist, saboteur and inner cycle as well as disidentification from feelings, mindsets and historical wounding. This is about a move from “no will” to “I have will and choice”. This is often a time of much suffering as the addict disidentify from old identifications and make way for new modes of being. Freedom from the constraints of the personality pave the way for the “I” to be in relationship with transpersonal qualities and the self. Addicts then begin to see that they are indeed “whole and unbroken”, not a part-object or sick. At this stage on the journey it is about acceptance of self and surrender to the spiritual self.
If the addict doesn’t feel connected to his spiritual source, he either numbs the pain or search for that connection by using drugs, thus depriving himself of goodness.
This connection is about finding new, healthy and meaningful ways to satisfy and nourish the cravings of the soul and spirit.

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