Addiction gives the recovering addict the opportunity to change his life. Changing his life is what makes recovery both difficult and rewarding. Recovery is difficult because the addict has to change his life, and all change is difficult, even good change. Recovery is rewarding because the addict gets the chance to change his life. Most people sleepwalk through life. They don’t think about who they are or what they want to be, and then one day they wake up and wonder why they aren’t happy.
If the recovering addict uses this opportunity for change, he’ll look back and think of his addiction as one of the best things that ever happened to him. People, like me, in recovery often describe themselves as grateful addicts. Why would someone be grateful to have an addiction? Because their addiction helped them find an inner peace and tranquility that most people crave. Recovery can help change life.
If you know someone who is addicted to substance (I mean drugs), encourage the person to try recovery. It will be an awesome experience. I can bet my life on it.

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